About this Procedure: 

Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy is a procedure performed in order to correct mandibular retronagthism. This surgery requires the surgeon to cut the mandible in order to put the mandible back into its proper place to fix the malocclusion. Once the cuts are made and the mandible is positioned properly, the surgeon must secure the jaw with internal plates. The patient must also have a rigid intraoral  fixation device for six to eight weeks post surgery. Studies have shown that there is a very high relapse rate which causes the mandible to retract back into its original position. This relapse is caused by failure of the internal rigid fixation device. The wires over long periods of time begin to lose their tension, and the plates begin to deform.

Cuts made during the BSSO procedure
Cuts made during the BSSO procedure

Problem Statement

Rationale for the design:

  •  Significant relapse rate justifies the need for a new design


  • The  device must maintain proper alignment between the mandible and maxillary.
  • Create a device that does not require modification by a surgeon before its installation